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Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online

How to Market Art Online Now

Artists will find Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online Now a potent resource. It will help them learn new ways to find new buyers and sell more art. 

The book offers cutting edge advice on websites, email marketing, and blogging. The insights readers gain gives them a definite competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

The marketing and communication tools you'll learn about are ready for you to start raising awareness for your art and creating the desire to own it. 


Table of Contents - Straight Advice How to Sell Art Online

The book is $9.99 and runs 158-pages on Amazon in paperback format. The Kindle version is $6.49. As a subscriber, I wanted to give you a better deal. You can order this book from me in digital PDF format for me for only $7.99. 


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A Book for All Artists

Barney Davey began helping artists market their work in1988. He's published more than 600 posts on the highly trafficked and well respected Art Marketing News blog. This new book is the sixth he's published on marketing art and the art business. Many artists are already saying it's his best yet.  

Read this book to learn new ways to put your art career in high gear!

These top art business publications, trade shows, websites and book clubs have published Barney Davey's articles, and either hired him or featured his books and webinars.

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Straight Advice is a perfect title for this book!

Here is an excerpt from Chapter One. 

If you would like practical advice and useful ideas for artists on websites, email marketing, blogging and more, you’ve found an excellent source. 

The whole world, it seems, is online. The internet has changed everything. To say the internet is a disruptive force is an understatement. While it’s taken a toll on legacy industries such as physical galleries, it’s opened up new opportunities for visual artists. 

Too many artists have been told at some point to get a job. And, that making and selling art was too hard, and only a lucky few got their tickets punched to success. If that were ever true, it’s a lie now. 

Artists alive in this generation are the first ever to have tools that allow them to connect with buyers and sell to them directly. The internet has changed our buying habits. We can now get so close and learn so much about anything we want to buy, and then e-commerce, UPS, and FedEx make everything readily available. In many metro areas, consumers can order from Amazon and other retailers and get same-day deliveries. The marketing – and therefore the art world – is literally at our fingertips. 

Consumers are comfortable buying luxury items such as diamonds from and pricey fine art from or dozens of other online galleries. You can market your art online, too. In fact, it’s not just that you can, but that you should learn how to sell art online. It is your future. It is now. 

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